Soko Town

Our guests have the opporunity to visit The Soko Grad Monastery, built at the foot of Soko Mountain. The monasery, dedicated to the St. Nikolaj Velimirović, is an endowment of His Grace the Bishop of Šabac, Lavrentije.

It is 18 kilometres from Velika Reka and on the ninth kilometre of the main road to Ljubovija there is a turn marked with a sign in Ušće village. The road continues to Poštenje and Krupanj alown the River Gračanica Valley. On the 4,5 kilometre from Ušće there is a right turn and a road down the Soko River Valley.

Trešnjica River Gorge

Visiting Trešnjica Rive Gorge is another trip available to our guests. The river is a famous hatchery of trouts and crayfish, while many birds of prey nest in the gorge. The gorge is known for its colony of Griffon Vultures. It is important to know that its population is very rare.
It is not possible to organise this trip without a tour guide. (