Konak Rakić

A beautiful tourist and recreational resort Velika Reka, situated on the shore of Zvornik Lake on the Drina River, is on the main road Mali Zvornik-Ljubovija. Konak Rakić , located at the most attractive part of this tourist complex, is on up-to-date house with a spacious yard, family pool, parking place, near shore and covered grilling place.

What makes the shore even more beautiful is the grilling place with wood, gas and coal fired oven with both classical and fish grill. There are a beach, shower, boat and wooden raft for fishing at guests disposal as well as many other things that make this place perfect fore those who want to spend time in nature.

The terrace of the house gives a breathtaking view at the surrounding nature and family pool, luxury designed in combination of wood, natural stone and glass mosaic tiles. Lights in the pool makes it suitable for swimming at night. There are deck-chairs around the pool as well.

„How strange it seems that we need so litle for being filled with happiness and even stranger when we miss it...“- Ivo Andrić, writer