Velika Reka is an ideal place for fishing throughout the year. The depth at the lake varies from 1,5 m to more than 15 m. Water is calm or with a slight current, depending on the dam which regulates it.

Different types of baits can be used, such as worms, bread, etc. Trout, carp, pike, catfish, bream, perch and barbel are possible catches.

Drina Regatta

The tourist and recreational manifestation „Drina Regatta“ is held on the second Sturday at July.
In 2002 it was held for the first time on the route Rogačica-Gornja Trešnjica-Ljubovija.

The manifestation has been popular ever since as a part of recreational tourism development on the Drina River. In 2006 more than 10 000 people an 1080 vessels took part in the Regatta.

Each year this manifestation is followed by a cultural and entertaining programme.